RPH Australia is the national peak body for the Radio Reading Network.

We champion the rights of all Australians to access published material.

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The RPH Network provides a reading service of popular publications throughout Australia. It consists of 18 AM/FM radio stations nationally, and digital radio services in five capital cities. It broadcasts to 70% of the Australian population.

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We are a not-for-profit cooperative and an important part of the community broadcasting sector. We have a team of over 1500 volunteers….

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RPH Audience

Almost 5 million Australians (22% of the population) live with a print disability. Causes include dyslexia, literacy impairment, attention deficit, arthritis, and vision impairment. Radio Reading services enable all Australians to participate in the community’s political, cultural and social life. 

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Imagine your life if you couldn’t read print. From the daily newspaper first thing in the morning to the favourite book which puts you to sleep at night, your day would be very different. The Radio Reading Network works to fill this gap.

The 18 radio reading services across the Network provide access to a wide range of current print media for Australians who rely on ‘alternate format’ news, lifestyle and recreational reading. The Radio Reading Network keeps Australians with a print disability in touch with what’s going on, including them in the social, political, economic and cultural life of Australia.

Graeme Innes AM
Disability Discrimination Commissioner
Australian Human Rights Commission
2005 – 2014

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