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Radio 4RPH 1296 AM

Radio 4RPH has been serving the community of the greater Brisbane area since 1984. Their mission of empowerment through information focuses on those that have either a print or vision impairment or those that have little time but want the news and information that will help them be an active part of the community. From their live newspaper readings to the most popular and entertaining books and magazines, Radio 4RPH has everything you need to keep informed. They are also providing an important education and employment pathway program for those with a vision disability. All of the programs produced by this station are produced by a team of blind producers who embody empowerment through information. Broadcasting from 6 AM to 12 AM daily, with BBC and RPH Creative programming overnight, Radio 4RPH is on its way to becoming the new wave of creative RPH content.  Tune in 1296AM or on Digital in Queensland or via their live stream on any device at any time.

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