About Us

The RPH Radio Reading Network represents the only radio network service with a mission to provide access to published material to Australians with a print disability

RPH Australia is the national peak body for the RPH Radio Reading Network.

Australians with a print disability have the same right and need for ready access to daily print media as other Australians.

Access to in-depth analysis of issues in the print media often underpins informed opinions and decisions, facilitating full participation in the cultural, economic, political and social life of Australia.

Broadcasting to 70% of the Australian population, the RPH Network provides this access by combining the depth of print media information with the immediacy and ubiquity of radio.

Created in 1978, RPH radio services are part of the not for profit community broadcasting sector.

The RPH Network consists of 18 AM/FM radio services around Australia, as well as digital radio services in the five mainland capitals.

The RPH Network operates with the assistance of 1,500 dedicated volunteers.

Our Vision

A nation where a print disability is not a barrier to participation.

Our Position

We champion the rights for all Australians to access published material.

Our National Promo

‘RPH Network: The voice of print media across Australia’.


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