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The RPH Network consists of 18 AM/FM radio services around Australia, as well as five digital radio services in the five mainland capital cities. Together, the RPH radio reading services broadcast to 70% of the Australian population.

In addition, RPH Australia is also actively facilitating the take-up of RPH programs on general community radio stations that are located in parts of regional Australia beyond the reach of the RPH Network.

To serve Australians with a print disability right around the country, the RPH Network is planning to extend the geographic reach of its services through web streaming and podcasting.



The RPH Network broadcasts 1,750 hours of specialist RPH programming and information segments each week. Trained volunteer staff prepare and read from a broad range of national, state and local newspapers and other high-turnover print materials, including magazines. They also serialise books for broadcast.

The RPH Network broadcasts important information segments including government information, assisting Australians with a print disability to participate fully in Australian social, political and economic life.


RPH Australia programs have something for everyone. There are two main types of programs on the RPH Network.

Firstly, RPH Australia volunteers present general programs, which read a selection of articles from daily newspapers and magazines.

RPH Australia volunteers also present subject-based programs, which draw together articles selected from diverse sources on a particular topic. These include such subjects such as health, history, hobbies, law, science etc.


“… a special radio communications service for the blind and other people with reading difficulties. The service will present programmes which are not provided in depth by existing stations, including readings of feature articles and book serialisation, as well as the transmission of information of special relevance to print-handicapped people.”

The Hon. Tony Staley MP
Minister for Post & Telecommunications, 1978

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