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Support for Radio Reading programming

Community radio stations can support local Radio Reading programming, by seeking CBF Specialist Radio Programming grants and/or participating in our National Sponsorship Scheme.

You can find out more about these funding opportunities below. But first, it’s important to recognise that to access this support, your station needs to follow our Standards for RPH Programming on Community Radio.

The Standards establish a framework for the production of RPH programming by community radio stations with a non-RPH broadcast licence. They apply to any program produced by these stations, in the name of RPH, to serve people with a print disability.

The Standards aim to encourage new, diverse, quality, local programming made by and for people with a print disability and contain:

  • Programming Standards – criteria outlining what RPH programs should contain and how programs should be produced and broadcast
  • Community consultation and engagement Standards – criteria to ensure RPH programs are relevant and accessible, to best serve people with a print disability

CBF grants

Your Radio Reading programming may be eligible for support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. CBF Content grants include funding for Specialist Radio Programming – which includes RPH programs.

Community stations outside the broadcast ‘footprint’ of an RPH licensed radio service can apply for Content funding to support local RPH programming.

You will need to complete a Specialist Radio Programming grant application. As part of that application, stations sign a Memorandum of Understanding with RPH Australia agreeing to follow the Standards for RPH Programming on Community Radio.

CBF grant guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions are available online. You can also preview the application form. Contact the Grants Support Team to provide tips and advice about your application.

You should specifically look at sections:
3) who is or is not eligible to apply – for the rule about stations broadcasting RPH programs within the broadcast ‘footprint’ of an RPH licensed service
4) what conditions apply? – some are specifically for RPH programs
5) how much you can apply for – some guidance on what funds can be used for

Contact us here at RPH Australia for more information on the Standards for RPH Programming on Community Radio and the MoU. You can also email

RPH National Sponsorship Scheme

RPH Australia manages a National Sponsorship Scheme for Federal Government information campaigns and other funded information segments broadcast nationally across the Radio Reading Network.

The Scheme gives our audiences access to important government information, empowering people with a print disability who may otherwise be unable to access it in print or online. Sponsored segments raise awareness and understanding of issues and developments among our broader audiences too.

Community radio stations providing ongoing, regular Radio Reading programming are also invited to apply to join the National Sponsorship Scheme (NSS).

To participate, stations need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with RPH Australia agreeing to follow the Standards for RPH Programming on Community Radio.

We manage the NSS as part of an agreement with the Federal Government, via the government’s master media agency. Our arrangement with the media agency distributes federal radio campaigns across Australia via the Radio Reading Network and regional stations with RPH programming.

We provide details of those community stations eligible for participation in the NSS to the media agency. The government has an agreed rate per campaign, and determines the number of campaigns each year, and the stations to be included.

The process is simple. We send campaign advice to participating stations outlining the number of spots over a specific time frame. We provide the content for broadcast as agreed. Stations then invoice RPH Australia and receive payment for the campaign based on their ‘proof of broadcast’.

For more information on the NSS, please contact us or email

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