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Fully Subsidised Radio Reading Training

Could your station benefit from training to better provide Radio Reading programs empowering local people with a print disability?  

RPH Radio reading is the on-air live reading of newspapers, magazines and other publications that otherwise might be inaccessible to people with vision-impairment, blindness or other print disability.

In collaboration with RPH Australia, the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is inviting priority stations identified by RPH Australia to receive fully subsidised Pathways courses to assist them in creating quality local programming for people with a print disability in their community.

CMTO Pathways courses are 1-day group sessions that are a great way to upskill in new areas. Attendees for each session are awarded with a certificate for their participation. The CMTO has a large range of Pathways courses on offer, some courses that may assist your station in developing your Radio Reading programming include:

Advanced Presentation: Learn specific techniques for presenting information for radio reading programs

Programming Review: Build strategies to increase the participation of people with disabilities across all programming.

Station Diversity, Safety and Inclusion: Explores the value of diversity in your station community and how to contribute towards a safe, accessible, inclusive station for all.

Through this training the CMTO is supporting RPH Australia‚Äôs Regional Development Project to help stations outside of the Radio Reading Network to produce new, diverse, quality, local programming made by and for people with a print disability, in line with the Standards for RPH Programming on Community Radio.

If you have signed an MOU with RPH Australia, you can arrange to have CMTO Radio Reading Pathways courses at your station. Feel free to indicate your interest in multiple courses. One course will be allocated as per the MOU, and the others will be subject to the application process.

For more information, call the CMTO on (02) 9318 9626 or send an email to

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