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Video: How I became a radio reader at Hills Radio

In 2018, Hills Radio volunteer Roz Lawson started a radio reading program to serve local people with a print disability, providing “a much-needed service to an often-overlooked section of my local community”.

“Newspapers on Air” was so popular that the station expanded to three radio reading slots in 2019. Hills Radio now offers readings of both local newspapers and a third program “Relax & Enjoy with Roz” focuses on Australian people, places and events.

Hills Radio is a community radio station serving the Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker areas in South Australia.

Station Manager, Chris “Crash” Carpenter explains that:

“Newspapers on Air was created to bring the two main newspapers of the Adelaide Hills to the ears of those who could not read the paper and also for those who were time poor or traveling. Both local newspapers are very supportive of our efforts.

Community radio is the voice of the local population, often ignored due to radio syndication. Our RPH Newspaper programs provide a starting point (in radio) for everyone, young or senior in experience.”

Radio readers, Ron Coveney and Roz Lawson, read Newspapers on Air
Radio readers, Ron Coveney and Roz Lawson, read Newspapers on Air

Tune in to Hills Radio’s RPH programs locally on 88.9FM or online at

  • Newspapers on Air – The Courier Newspaper, 12 to 1pm Wednesdays, repeated Saturday at midday.
  • Newspapers on Air – The Weekender Herald, 12 to 1pm on Thursdays
  • “Relax and Enjoy”, readings by Roz Lawson of Australian literature and short stories and events. Saturday’s, 1pm to 2pm.

RPH Australia is working to close the information gap in Radio Reading services for people with a print disability living in regional and remote Australia. We also want to increase the representation and involvement of people with a disability in community media.

Check out our other Video resources, part of our Radio Reading Resources for Stations and Volunteers.

We hope these resources inspire other community stations seeking to engage with people with disabilities. We thank Roz Lawson and the Hills Radio team for their contribution.

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