Media Release – RPH Australia comments on CBF Review

Media Release – RPH Australia comments on CBF Review

RPH Australia, the peak body for the community broadcasting network serving people with a print disability, has issued a statement supporting the changes being implemented by the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) in its Review of its structure and operations.

‘We have been included in every aspect of this Review,’ said Vaughn Bennison, Chair of the RPH Radio Reading Network, which serves the almost 5 million Australians with a print disability nationally.

‘We are part of the broader Community broadcasting sector, and keenly aware that we are working in times where consolidation of our efforts and thoughts are absolutely essential from a government policy and business operations point of view,’ he stated. ‘The CBF Review is developing a structure which strengthens us collectively, refines processes, improves accountability, and most importantly has been intensely consultative. ‘

RPH Australia raised several concerns within the Review process regarding aspects of committee and Board selection which were dealt with promptly by the CBF, he added.

‘As a Sector Representative Organisation which advocates for people with a print disability, it was incumbent on us to ensure that as much consideration as possible was given to our ability to serve our community of interest,’ said Vaughn Bennison. ‘We were given this opportunity as an individual organisation and within the context of the now well-established Community Broadcasting Roundtable. Everyone was given a say, and I can say without a doubt that there was overwhelming support to progress with the Review as it currently stands’.

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Issued 16 March 2016

For further information contact Vaughn Bennison, Chair RPH Australia 0477 505 494

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