RPH Australia Regional Development Study 2017

RPH Australia Regional Development Study 2017

Since 1998 the RPH Radio Reading Network has accorded a proportion of its own annual funding to encourage and establish RPH programming to general community
broadcasting stations in regional areas. The purpose of this decision has been to more widely serve the needs of its own community of interest i.e. people in the
community with disabilities which limit their access to critical print media. In particular it was considered important to reach communities that were outside the broadcast
range of the network itself.

In the period of time that the Content Funding for RPH programs has been available for non-RPH stations, (20 years), there has also been a marked diminution in applications from general stations, resulting in no applications being received in 2016.

In 2016 the Community Broadcasting Foundation funded RPH Australia to undertake a body of research to review the experience of regional stations that have adopted RPH programs at some stage in their programming history. RPH Australia and the CBF sought to understand the diminution in applications for RPH grants, define what worked for stations that have been successful in developing and maintaining an RPH program, and delineate any process that may encourage regional stations to adopt RPH programming.The study’s findings led to the development of the 2019 roll-out of the Regional Development project, aimed at supporting regional stations to start or enhance local Radio Reading programming.

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