Welcome to RPH Australia

RPH Australia is the national peak body for the RPH Radio Reading Network.

The RPH Network plays a unique role in the Australian media landscape, offering ‘alternate format’ (spoken word) access to print media for those with a print disability.

The first RPH radio reading services began broadcasting in 1978. Now, the RPH Network consists of 18 AM/FM radio services around Australia, as well as digital radio services in the five mainland capitals.

Currently almost 3.8 million Australians – or 18.4% of the population – live with a print disability, which can include literacy issues, learning disabilities, vision impairment and physical disabilities.

The RPH Network broadcasts to 70% of the Australian population, reading high turnover print and online media on air, including daily national, state and local newspapers and magazines.

The RPH Network is also a co-operative media partner, broadcasting important government information and other announcements to difficult-to-reach audiences around the country.

On behalf of the RPH Network members, their staff and our volunteers, we welcome you to RPH Australia’s website. We encourage you to take a look around and find out more.

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